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Success Stories

"Dr. Ken and Myra helped us through the roughest time in our relationship. The counseling sessions were very enlightening. We learned how to really communicate with each other. We feel that we now have the necessary tools to continue building our lives together. The sessions taught us so much about ourselves and each other. We've grown closer, and though we still have disagreements, they are infrequent, and we handle them immediately so we can get back to our happy place as quickly as possible. Dr. Ken and Myra left such an impression, that we even asked them to officiate our wedding. We are eternally grateful for the impact they've had on showing us how to maintain our relationship."

-Tanesha and Micha

"Ken & Myra are the best.  We love the fact that they do this as a couple. We highly recommend them for your wedding or premarital education needs."  Charles & Karen

"Ken officiated our wedding last summer. He was amazing!! He is very down to earth, professional, and has great voice quality. You will not be dissappointed having him as your wedding officiant. He exceeded our expectations. We got so may compliments afterwards about our wedding. He also took the time to make sure we where happy with our ceremony outline before the wedding day. That's what I called going the extra mile." Christina

"Ken & Myra are like having Dr. Phil and Oprah in the same room working together. Ken has a strong clinical background and Myra who is a known for her  real talk and spiritual background. Together they make a dynamic couple. We felt so bless to have them as our coach and relationship educator. They really helped us with our relationship and prepared us for marriage. I highly recommend everyone to get premarital education before you get married. It is worth the investment!!!" Brandon & Sheila

"Ken & Myra are Atlanta's best kept secret. You will get more than your money's worth after talking with these two. If you want to get your relationship off to a great start and with someone you can relate to in today's time, this is the couple to see. " Michael & Pamela

"The McKnights have been absolutely incredible. They have helped my fiancé and I gain insight into our relationship that will prove to be invaluable as we embark on our marital journey. I highly recommend them!"  Johnny and Andrea

"Motivated, hardworking, talented and professional power couple. They will definitely exceed your expectations! I HIGHLY recommend them." Actress-Singer Toni Byrd

"Ken provided his services as Officiant for my clients wedding and I found him to be extremely professional and easy to work with. He provided personalized assistance to my client in creating their ceremony vows. His attention to detail and promptness, both in communicating with me and arriving at the venue are to be commended. I would highly recommend  Ken to anyone needing a Relationship Coach, or Marriage counseling as well as a Minister for weddings. I look forward to having the pleasure of working with him again.. " Owner Janice Blackmon Events

"Ken is a great friend, father, and husband. And a man of integrity and a servant to all." Marshall Stukes

" Ken & Myra has volunteered as a Life Coach and Encourager at New Hope various times. He helps others find thier strengths and encourages them to use thier gifts and passion in ministry". Lesley Deyton-Hospitality and New Members Ministry New Hope Baptist Church


"Ken & Myra have one of the best premarital programs. With each client they do a comprehensive assessment that tells you your strength and weakness of your relationship. We got so much quality information that help us improve our relationship. We highly recommend them for your relationship and premarital education needs. They are fun and easy to work with." Jennifer & David

Ken and Myra worked with my teenage son to help him come to a better place in life as he copes with having an absent father. He lacked good communication skills and they came up with creative ways to help him develop in that area. They are a wonderful, honest, God-fearing couple who continues to strive to please. To know them is to love them! Shuyna Stafford

I have had the pleasure of working with Ken on a project empowering and uplifting the youth of tomorrow. His passion to serve and to impact others with positive social change has amazed me as well as others who worked on this youth outreach project.

I personally recommend Dr. Ken McKnight for his hard work and strong integrity in a time where solid morals and values are hard to find. Dr. Maceo Whattley

Dr. Ken McKnight has a passion for serving others. His genuiness is one of a kind and you will find no better person to cater to your needs. Dr. Charles Wallace

Dr. Ken is highly detailed and very personable. I put my complete trust in Dr. Kendall McKnight. Sou Phommavongsa

The McKnights have been absolutely incredible. They have helped my fiancé and I gain insight into our relationship that will prove to be invaluable as we embark on our marital journey. I highly recommend them! Johnny Ray Austin


These workshops are conducted by certified life coaches, relationship and premarital educators. They are not facilitated by therapist, or licensed counselors. Our educational workshops are not conducive for couples experiencing domestic violence or any other form of abuse. Please seek professional and or emergency assistance if this is a concern for you.

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