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Why Pre-Marital?


1. It strengthens your relationship. Learning about each other and how you can continue to grow as a couple.

2. It helps you prepare for marraige outside of the actual wedding. The wedding is one day, remember?  Life is never going to be easy, but premarital education can help you both acquire the tools to get through it together.

3. It sets expectations. What are your thoughts on children, finances, religion, marital roles, sex, social activities, etc., after you’re married?  Premarital education makes you talk about all of your values and beliefs and put them out on the table before you’re married. .

4. It opens up the lines of communication.  The silent treatment isn’t something either of party should espouse to, but pre-marital teaches you how best to communicate. Plus, adding that un-biased third party in there really helps.

5. It teaches you how to resolve conflict. Conflict is inevitable. It's how couples handle and resolve conflict that seperates long and fruitful marriages from those that last five years or less.

6. It gives you a positive attitude about premarital education in general. It shows you are willing to accept ownership and take responsibilty of your relationship.



Become A BOBT Marriage Mentor

A Marriage Mentor is not a counselor, therapist or  the such. Mentors are normal couples of wisdom that have learned enough to educate others on having a healthy and thriving relationship or marriage. Being a marriage mentor does not mean that you have all the answers. What it does mean is that you have taken responsibilty for your commitment to your partner. Your take ownership for your mistakes and do what ever you can not to make that mistake again.  A marriage mentor is to assist couples and individuals to staying on the positive course of commitment.


Who does your mentor look like. They look like your aunt or uncle, grandmother or grandfather, mother or father, sister or brother, the co-worker that does fun thing with their spouse, the friend that  won't see you do down the wrong path and say nother.  Or the "A Better One is a Better Two" mentor.  Here at BOBT we focus on the quality of a mentors commitment or marriage and not the quanity of years they have been married.


If you or someone you know would like to volunteer to become a BOBT mentor please send us your information on he contact pae or call the office to speak to one our relationship educators.


Your experience can help to strengten a commitment or marriage.





 Specialty Services and Packages



Video Conferencing Available Nationally and Internationally


We have a high success rate for couples, and individuals that go through our programs.



Whether you’re dealing with work-related stress, anxiety, anger, grief/loss, relationship troubles, preparing for marriage or life-changing issues, our programs are meant to assist you in figuring out the best course of action to achieve the results you want and desire.



We believe that all persons regardless of their financial situation has the right to affordable coaching services. Therefore, we are committed to serving the community by providing affordable coaching services to all persons who are interested.



Public Speaking Engagements: Invite Dr. Ken & Myra to speak at your conference, webinar, panel, or marriage retreat. We work with all budgets. 

























  •  Dr. Ken McKnight, MA, Ph.D

  •  Master Relationship Coach Expert, Life Coach & Mediator *Highly Confidential*  

Myra McKnight, MBA

Master Relationship Coach Expert , Anger Management Specialist, Life Coach, Mediator

*Highly Confidential*

Unfortunately, very few couples take advantage of marriage enrichment programs. Most wait until their problems are severe before they seek help, and often it's too late for education. Major surgery is required.

Scholars have found three common - and erroneous - reasons that people are reluctant to participate in marriage enrichment programs:

  • Good marriages happen naturally. Many people think a happy, successful marriage should come naturally. They think what they learned about marriage from watching their parents and other couples should be enough. If marriage partners need help to build a successful relationship, the thinking goes, then they must be abnormal or deficient in some way. But this "it's natural" theory is a myth. Few people get enough information about how to create a strong and enduring marriage through absorption alone. Most need additional information and education to build a truly satisfying marriage.

  • Marriage is a private matter. Some people believe the marriage relationship is too private to share with others. They feel it isn't proper to share their marital issues with anyone outside the marriage or to participate in an educational setting where others might see that they need help. Couples with this attitude deprive themselves of the many resources available to improve marital happiness, including the experiences of fellow participants in marriage enrichment programs.

  • Marriage enrichment doesn't help. Some couples believe that marriage enrichment programs are "feel good" experiences that might help briefly but don't help in the long run. In fact, research shows the best marriage enrichment programs help couples improve their marriages in a deep and lasting way.




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