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Looking at the Water

your journey is worth more than a thousand words....why not start now?  



For 20 years it has been my pleasure and a blessing to encourage and teach men and women all over the world the value of who they are. As a Relationship Coach and Expert, I focused more of our conversations on building healthier relationships when it comes to self-awareness, life's journey, family, career and partner experiences. To realize and appreciate the true and living awesomeness that dwells within all of us we must see things from a different perspective and not only our way. In these sessions we search for solutions that are wholistic and practical and that match the concerns most of us experience today, not 30 years ago. With an open and renewed positive mindset about life you can have it with adjustments to your thinking, acceptance to what you can not change and belief in your self.

I don't wish for you to look at yourself solely as being a father, mother, wife, partner, church worker, married, unmarried, daughter etc. I encourage you to see yourself in the best light possible and seeking unlimited possibilities. I will assist you in creating your personal content and goals to create a space of inspiration as well as making tough choices that mirror's your personal vision. Being self-aware of our shortcomings and accepting them brings about accountability to oneself no matter the issue or background. It is when you don't take the time to explore your own that life shows up in negative behavior and poor choices. 

If you have not started your journey, what are you waiting for? The world need to see and experience the best of you. And you need to know, learn and experience the best of you too. Life is not so much as what you make of it. It is more of how you see it. Change how you see it, then you will change how you respond to it, to make healthier choices for your life, .

Myra :-)
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Certified Relationship Educator and Coach
Wholistic Journey Influencer 
Spiritual Advisor


60 Minute Couples Session  $175.00 
60 Minute Personal Session $85.00
45 Minute Personal Session $50.00
30 Minute Personal Session $35.00

Intense 30-60-90 Day Session Call for Pricing

Payment Due at Time of Booking

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December 2021


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